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Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Santa Cruz de Tenerife to celebrate the Fiestas de Mayo from the balconies

Balcony decorating contest for the Fiestas de Mayo

Not to be detered by the COVID-19 crisis, the people of Santa Cruz de Tenerife will still celebrate their traditional Fiestas de Mayo (May Fiestas), from their homes

[UPDATE: See the winners of the best decorated balcony and recycled crosses]

Best decorated balcony, recycled crosses and children's drawings are the three contests that the Santa Cruz City Council are promoting to celebrate atypical May Holidays. And, although the state of alarm has canceled any type of celebration, the City Council, through the Concejalía de Fiestas (Department of Parties) [We love this machine translation and think that everywhere should have just such a department!], doesn't want to miss out on the celebrations entirely, even if they are only from  balconies and windows, explained mayor, Patricia Hernández. The contests will take place between April 30 and May 3.

Whilst the contests are for residents of Santa Cruz, you could participate, decorating your home or making crosses, wherever you are. Finally a use for that embroidered tablecloth and Canarian balcony decoration you brought back from your last visit, or something you can make from the inners of all those toilet rolls you bought in a panic! :)

Santa Cruz celebrará las Fiestas de Mayo desde los balcones

Contest of May Crosses made from recycleable materials