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Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Tenerife corporation reminds residents of the obligation to clean the perimeter of rural houses of vegetation and rubble

A rural house in Tenerife

The Minister of Natural Environment indicates that "it is mandatory that the 15 meters around the houses must be free of dry brush and vegetation to avoid fires"

As temperatures rise and forest fire risk season begins, the Cabildo de Tenerife (Tenerife Island Corporation), through the Area of ​​Management of the Natural Environment and Security directed by  Counselor Isabel García, calls upon citizens residing in rural and forest areas to take advantage of these days of confinement in their homes to carry out maintenance in landscaped areas and surrounding land to prevent fires.

García reminds residents that “they have a legal obligation to keep the land free of all kinds of waste, scrub and dry vegetation. In the case of forest areas, the obligation translates into keeping a strip of 15 meters around the homes clean, and for this reason we ask the citizens to collaborate in order to reduce the possibilities arising from the existence of these materials ”, in addition, the counselor urges the different municipalities to ensure that this preventive care is carried out in their districts.

Isabel García clarifies that “it is not just a matter of cutting down all the trees but of avoiding the accumulation of dry or uncontrolled vegetation, and of any residues that favor the spread of fire, which can affect the homes themselves. This situation was already experienced just a few weeks ago, when the Canary Islands were subjected to extreme conditions of wind, dryness and haze. The result was what we all know: we suffered several simultaneous fires in inhabited areas close to rural areas, generating significant damage that will take a long time to repair. ”

The counselor also assured that "it is important to have fire insurance policies, but that in these cases the best insurance is to keep the surroundings of the houses free of debris and brush. You have to be very careful with the reed beds, which burn very easily, and also with the brambles that tend to abound around boundaries of plots. ”

Another aspect on which special care must be taken, said the counselor, "is contact of trees with power lines, which can end up generating sparks". Isabel García encourages citizens to monitor this and, if they detect any case, call the electricity distribution company to prune or cut the tree, as is their duty, or the City Council, if it is public lighting.

Lastly, the counselor took the opportunity to remind the population that it is a good opportunity to “collaborate and contribute to the health of our natural ecosystems, eliminating invasive exotic flora species from gardens and orchards, such as cattail or Pampas grass. "These species," she warns, "are in our gardens today, but tomorrow they may have spread to the natural environment, causing irreversible damage," she concluded.

El Cabildo de Tenerife recuerda la obligación de limpiar de rastrojos el perímetro de las viviendas rurales