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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Masks have become compulsory outside the home when it's not possible to maintain the minimum safe distance of two meters

Masks to be mandatory where minimum safety distance cannot be guaranteed

The use of masks will also become mandatory on public roads and in closed spaces when compliance with the minimum safety distance between people, set at two meters, cannot be guaranteed, as well as when traveling by public transport.

This was agreed on Monday by the Government and the Autonomous Communities during the meeting of the Inter-territorial Council of the National Health System.

The department led by Salvador Illa has indicated that the use of masks will be regulated in a Ministerial Order that will be published in the coming days. SEE BELOW

UPDATE: The key provisions of Orden SND/422/2020 (PDF) of 19 May 2020, coming into force the day after it's publication, confirms that the use of masks outside the home is compulsory, from 21 May, in the open air and particularly in enclosed spaces, whenever you cannot guarantee being able to maintain a safe distance of two meters from others.

Masks should be preferably hygienic and surgical, covering the nose and mouth.

The directive explains, "The widespread use of masks by the general population to reduce the Community transmission of SARS-CoV2 is justified not only by its high transmissibility, but also because of the ability of the masks to block the emission of infected drops, very important when it is not possible to maintain the safety distance."

The use of masks is compulsory for adults and children aged six and above and is also recommended in children from three to five. The only exceptions will be for those persons who present some type of respiratory distress that may be aggravated by the use of the mask and those for whom use is contraindicated for health or disability reasons. Likewise, its use will not be required during activities that are incompatible, such as food and drink intake, as well as in circumstances of force majeure or a situation of need.

La mascarilla será obligatoria en la calle cuando no se mantenga la distancia de seguridad