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Sunday, May 24, 2020

On Monday the whole of the Canary Islands will progress onto phase 2 of the de-escalation plan of the state of alarm

The obligatory photo of La Teresitas beach

It is now official: Minister Salvador Illa announced Friday that on Monday, May 25, all of the Canary Islands will progress to Phase 2 of the plan of de-escalation of the state of alarm, which La Gomera, La Palma and La Graciosa had entered last week. Along with it, will be a relaxation of some of the restrictions currently in force (although security measures and social distancing will be maintained to prevent the spread of COVID-19).

Freedom of movement

One of the main new social measures in this phase refers to the mobility of people, allowing residents to attend events or places such as:

1. Funerals and burials: with a maximum limit of 25 people in open spaces, or 15 people in closed spaces, whether or not they live together.

2. Places of worship: as long as 50 percent of the capacity is not exceeded.

3. Weddings: as long as 50 percent of the capacity is not exceeded.

4. Hospitality and retail: up to 40 percent of the capacity and minimum social distance of 2 meters between clients.

5. Shopping centers: the capacity will be limited to 40 percent. No presence of clients is allowed in common or recreational areas.

6. Visits to sheltered homes or nursing homes: by appointment and only one person per resident.

7. Libraries, exhibition halls, cinemas, etc: as long as one third of the capacity is not exceeded.

8. Physical activity: People under 70 years of age may carry out non-professional physical activity in any time slot except between 10:00 and 12:00 and between 19:00 and 20:00.

9. Federated non-professional athletes: will be able to carry out basic training sessions, aimed at a specific sport modality, individually.

10. Professional athletes: will be able to carry out total training. They may be exercised in covered sports facilities.

11. Recreational pools: as long as one third of the capacity is not exceeded.

12. Beaches: you will only be allowed to walk and bathe; sunbathing or remaining static at a certain point is still not permitted. The practice of sports, professional or recreational activities is allowed, as long as they can be carried out individually and without physical contact, allowing a minimum distance of two meters to be maintained between the participants.
13. Tourism and nature: active and nature tourism activities may be carried out for groups of up to 20 people, these activities should be arranged preferably by appointment.

14. Fishing and hunting: are allowed in all their modalities as long as the safety distance and the hygiene and prevention measures set by the health authorities are respected.

Use of masks in the car

The rule established in Phase 1 is continued, so that if all the occupants live together in the same house, as many people may travel as there are seats in the vehicle, provided that all reside at the same address. In this case, the use of a mask will not be necessary.

If the occupants of the car do not live together at the same address, two people can travel for each row of seats, provided they use a mask and respect the maximum possible distance between the occupants.

Masks will still be necessary on public transport, taxis, etc.

La utilización del coche en la Fase 2 de la desescalada (25 mayo)

El lunes toda Canarias se zambullirá en la fase 2 del plan de desescalada del estado de alarma