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Monday, June 08, 2020

What can and cannot be done in Phase 3?

What can and cannot be done in Phase 3?

As the whole of the Canary Islands enter the final phase of the COVID-19 deescalation plan today, here is a quick summary of what can and can't be done during Phase 3:

- Movement between islands will be allowed (despite the fact that the official government rules do not allow a change of province) always respecting the safety and hygiene measures, as well as maintaining the minimum safety distance of at least two meters, in groups of a maximum of 20 people, except in the case of people living together.

- Time slots are eliminated and groups of up to 20 people are allowed.

- Funerals may be held with a maximum limit of 50 people in open spaces or 25 people in closed spaces.

- Weddings and attendance at places of worship are allowed as long as they do not exceed 75% of the capacity up to a maximum of 150 people in outdoor spaces or 75 people in closed spaces.

- Shops can open with 50% of their capacity.

- Hotel and restaurant establishments may be reopened for consumption on the premises, except for nightclubs and nightlife bars (Nightlife will not reopen in the Canary Islands in Phase 3 due to its "special risk"), provided that they do not exceed 50% of their capacity and consumption is allowed in the bar provided that a minimum separation of 2 meters is guaranteed.

- On outdoor terraces, seating will be limited to 75% of the tables, with a maximum occupancy of 20 people.

- In hotels, common areas can be reopened as long as they do not exceed 50% of the capacity and the entertainment activities or classes must be designed with a maximum capacity of 20 people and preferably outdoors.

- Cultural and study activities may be carried out in the libraries, provided that they do not exceed 50% of the capacity.

- In museums and exhibition halls the capacity will be 50% and visits may be by groups of up to 20 people.

- Cinemas, theaters, auditoriums, circuses and similar show spaces may carry out their activity, provided they have pre-assigned seats and do not exceed half the authorized capacity.

- In outdoor activities, the public must remain seated, keeping the necessary distance and may not exceed 50% of the capacity, nor exceed 80 people.

- Athletes from federated non-professional leagues will be able to train in groups of up to 20 people.

- Active and nature tourism activities may be carried out for groups of up to a maximum of 30 people and tourist guide activity is allowed, by appointment and with groups of no more than 20 people.

- Tourist recreation centers, zoos and aquariums open with a capacity of 50% and a third in the attractions and closed places.

- Congresses, business meetings, conferences and events may not exceed 80 attendees.

- Gambling and betting establishments may not exceed 50% of the capacity nor exceed 50 people in total.

- Regarding free time activities for children and young people, they will not exceed 200 participants outdoors and 80 in closed spaces.

Use of masks: In vehicles same rules as before are continued, so that if all the occupants live together in the same house, as many people can travel as there are places in the vehicle. In this case, the use of a mask will not be necessary. If the occupants do not live together at the same address, only two people can travel for each row of seats, provided they use a mask and respect the maximum possible distance between occupants.

Masks continue to be mandatory on public transport and anywhere outside the home when it's not possible to maintain the minimum safe distance of two meters.

It is expected that the arrival of tourists to the archipelago will not take place until July, hence, during this month of June, the Canary Islands Executive will determine the process that tourists traveling to the Canary Islands must follow.

¿Qué se puede hacer y qué no en la fase 3?