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Friday, July 10, 2020

No Romería de San Benito Abad in 2020

Romería de San Benito Abad

This year there will be no Romería Regional de San Benito Abadthe only one that holds the title of Regional in the Archipelago - in La Laguna. Inevitable, but a sad loss as the Fiestas de San Benito Abad in La Laguna date from 1532 and historian, Viera y Clavijo (1731-1813) wrote of the importance of this festivity: "Among the most notable festivals celebrated in La Laguna, in addition to those of Corpus Christi, are three processions to San Benito." This year the only celebrations will be from balconies and windows, however, the town hall says that, "we will continue working with the same force so that in 2021 we will have one of the biggest celebrations." We live in hope.

Romería de San Benito Abad | 2019