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Saturday, August 29, 2020

National and Local Police of Arona ensure compliance with measures against COVID-19

Sculpture on the coast of Arona at sunset. Image by marcos101 from Pixabay

The combined forces have already sanctioned 75 people and 5 premises for not complying with sanitary measures in the leisure area of Arona

The National Police, together with the Local Police of the municipality of Arona, have established a joint security initiative to patrol the leisure areas of the town at night time. The police patrols have been carried out by the agents, both in the public thoroughfare, as well as inside the establishments themselves, verifying the observance of the aforementioned measures and, otherwise, sanctioning their non-compliance.

National Police agents have sanctioned 75 people; 67 for not wearing the mandatory mask or wearing it improperly, another 4 for other breaches of the sanitary measures, as well as 3 for holding a botellón (street drinking party). Furthermore, one person has been arrested for the possession of narcotic substances or their consumption in public places.

The agents of Arona Local Police have processed 5 sanctions against different nightlife establishments relating to non-compliance with current regulations.

Policías Nacional, y Local de Arona, velan por el cumplimiento de las medidas sanitarias frente al COVID-19