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Friday, August 07, 2020

Recovering and conserving the agricultural biodiversity in the Teno Rural Park

Nispero (loquat) tree in the El Palmar Valley in the Teno Rural Park

The Tenerife Island Corporation (Cabildo) is distributing more than 800 fruit trees of old varieties to farmers in the area of the Parque Rural de Teno (Teno Rural Park) in the north west of the island, among them vines, nisperos (loquat), walnut, many varieties of figs; blancas, negras, brebas, bicariñas, rojas, 'choverde' pears, plums, etc.

These trees, planted in the Park nursery, are then distributed to the residents of the protected area with the aim of recovering and conserving the agricultural biodiversity of the area, promoting the most interesting ancient fruit varieties among the park's farmers, to perpetuate old varieties of fruit which have often already disappeared from the market in favor of other more globalized varieties, ensure the ancestral value of the crops and, in addition, revitalise and enrich the agricultural diversity of the rural park.

The Rural Park is a space that houses an enormous amount of valuable items of scientific, landscape, ethnographic and historical interest. It has important forest masses and a variety of ecosystems of great endemic biodiversity, both animal and plant.

El Cabildo reparte en Teno más de 800 frutales de variedades antiguas