Friday, August 21, 2020

The emblematic Corazones de Tejina to be celebrated in a very different manner

Crowds with the Corazones de Tejina in the past

Tejina this year is left without the water party or the Pamela (the Spanish name for a picture hat) Festival due to COVID-19. The offering of the emblematic hearts remains on the 23rd, but it will be celebrated in a very different way to avoid crowds.

The Hearts of Tejina Association has launched an initiative - Corazones en Casa (Hearts at Home) - for families to make their own little hearts at home.

Tejina this year is left without its popular hat and water festivals, part of the celebrations in honor of San Bartolomé de Tejina this month, due to the current health crisis and the measures imposed to prevent the spread of infection. Other events of these celebrations have also been canceled, such as the Exaltation of the Hearts Festival, among others.

The measures imposed will also affect the most important event of these festivals: the traditional offering of the emblematic hearts, normally accompanied by hundreds of people, from the three neighborhoods of the town (Calle de Arriba, El Pico and Calle de Abajo) to the square, where they are raised in homage to the patron saint, an offering that this year has not been canceled but that will be experienced in a very different way.

This year there will be no such massive transfer from the three neighborhoods and the large frameworks that are usually made are not going to be made, but rather, each street will make a mini offering to Saint Bartholomew and the Incarnation together, inside the church and behind closed doors, in the morning, with some small hearts of about two meters, and only four people for each heart will be able to enter to make the offering.

This will take place on Sunday, August 23, and, after the offering of the three hearts, visitors will have strictly controlled access to the temple to see the saint, the virgin and the hearts, where visitors will enter through one door and exit through another, controlling the capacity.

The Exaltation of the Hearts Festival (folk music) will be broadcast online, having been previously recorded it at the Unión Tejina theater, behind closed doors and without an audience, with performances by only the three main folk groups of Tejina.

Tejina se queda sin la fiesta del agua ni la verbena de la pamela por el Covid-19

Corazones de Tejina 2019

Offering of the Hearts of Tejina to its Patron Saint Bartholomew the Apostle. Tradition that began in 1984 and continues to excite residents and visitors to the town of Tejina.