Tuesday, September 08, 2020

No Fiestas de la Luz in Los Silos because of the uncertainties over the health situation

Los Silos dressed for fiestas

September 8 is normally the big day of the Fiestas de la Luz in Los Silos - the town with, in my opinion, the prettiest church anywhere - in the Isla Baja area of Tenerife. This year, the Fiestas Commission announced back in June that they would not be organising festivities this year in honor of the Virgen de la Luz (Virgin of the Light), because of the uncertainties over the health situation. They also said they didn't want to accept the subsidy agreed with the council, knowing that there are other priorities that must be addressed. On the other hand, they have announced their will to organize the festivities for next year.

Among the usual events of these fiestas for the town's patron, are the main parade on September 8, shown below from a few years ago. The following day, the figure of Our Lady of the Light paid a visit to the local old folks home that also bears her name and Eucharist is said outside, which must be great comfort for those residents who cannot make it to the church. We hope, as this is outdoors, that this is still able to take place this year.

As part of these fielstas, Los Silos also celebrated one of the island's weirdest events - and there's certainly plenty of competition for that accolade - the Ofrenda floral submarina (Underwater floral offering), in which a bunch of scuba divers placed flowers around an icon of the virgin that had been installed underwater as protection, presumably for all sailors, divers, etc. We're not sure this still takes place, but it was certainly remarkable.

Procesión del Día de las Fiestas - La Luz 2012 Los Silos