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Friday, September 11, 2020

Rallysprint Atogo 2020 on 12 September adapts to the new Covid-19 regulations

Rallysprint Atogo

The 15th Rallysprint Atogo 2020 takes place on September 12 - in the hills above Tenerife South Airport - and the Atogo Team is working hard to adapt the the rally to the new health and government regulations. In particular, spectators will have to register on the website.

Without this registration, spectators will not be able to access the areas defined for the event, even though these areas will have a maximum capacity, which once reached, access to them will be closed and controlled by security staff. Fans will have to make this small effort in exchange for enjoying the great show in Atogo for free on September 12.

The organisers, in addition, are cordoning off certain "hot" areas and imposing rules that must be strictly adhered to. The two entrances to the finish and the start will be controlled, the area of ​​the Charca de Atogo, Curva de Toledo and Curva del Cabrero (a total of 5 controlled spaces). Even if you do not intend go to these specific areas, they ask that fans register on their website for control of the organization and the competent authorities.

Likewise, orgainisers insist on distancing, mask wearing and hand cleaning; "common sense", whether professionals taking part or fans, for the good of all.