Monday, September 07, 2020

The Romería de la Bajada de la Virgen del Socorro to be virtual only this year

Bajada Virgen de El Socorro 2018 RelinoticiasTenerife2019 / CC BY-SA

Although, 7 September 2020 is a public holiday (in leiu of the usual Tenerife-specific holiday on February 2), the Romería de la Bajada de la Virgen del Socorro, considered the oldest romeria of the Canary Islands, like so many other events, is a victim of it's own popularity in these times that demand social distancing and this year will only take place virtually.

There will be no El Socorro pilgrimage this year, neither Bajada nor Subida (referring to the two events of bringing the icon down from her temple and returning back up the next day), there will only be religious acts and a virtual pilgrimage, the local authorities in Güímar decided. All agreed on the need to ensure security above all and, that it is logically impossible to carry out a pilgrimage in the current circumstances.

The representatives of the San Pedro Arriba and San Pedro Abajo commissions, as well as the Los Guanches de la Virgen collective, stated that "there are other years", and that "you cannot control so many people and less so this year when it is a holiday throughout the island ", so "even more people would come than usual from all over Tenerife. "

No habrá Bajada de El Socorro, solo de manera virtual