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Friday, October 23, 2020

Buenavista celebrates festivities for Virgin of Los Remedios adapted to the pandemic

Buenavista' square dressed for fiestas some years ago

Buenavista del Norte is celebrating its festivities by adapting the format to the restrictions imposed by the coronavirus pandemic. The Councilor for Culture and Festivities, Ángeles González (CC), points out that "for the municipality the month of October is for meeting, for enthusiasm and faith in our patron, the Virgin of Los Remedios, for this reason we wanted to develop a program that complies with the strictest health security protocols ".

The events, which began on the 15th, include exhibitions, concerts, religious events and festivals with limited capacity. This weekend the exhibition 'The memory of our fiestas' will open; a concert with Chago Melián will be held; there is eucaristía de vísperas (Evensong), and a fireworks display by the Toste Brothers. On Sunday 25, the big day, the bishop will officiate the Eucharist and, in addition, the Art Festival will be held.

Buenavista celebra unas fiestas patronales adaptadas a la pandemia