Saturday, October 10, 2020

New tool launched provides occupation levels of the trams in Tenerife in real time

Tram in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

The vice president and insular councilor for Roads, Mobility and Innovation, Enrique Arriaga, announced on Tuesday the activation of a digital tool that will allow passengers to consult the level of occupation on the trams in Tenerife in real time.

This new service, which is already operational on the TranviaOnline website and on the Ten + mobile application, shows, through graphics and text, the percentage of passengers transported on each tram at the time of consultation. In the event that occupancy reaches the maximum sanitary capacity limit, currently set at 66 percent, the user will be recommended to wait for the next tram, explains the Tenerife corporation.

"With the implementation of this tool, we can provide tram users with useful information, and at the same time reinforce the safety and reliability of public transport," Arriaga pointed out.

Once the user accesses the application, they must choose the stop they want to consult, then the time remaining until the arrival of the next trams appears on the screen, as well as the level of passenger occupancy of each tram at that time. Additionally, the application also allows you to view, in real time, all the trams that are circulating on both lines, showing their exact location and the information of each one when clicking on any of them.

To publicise the initiative, the Cabildo will launch an information campaign on social networks and with posters in the coming days that will explain the operation of this tool.

Lanzan una herramienta para conocer la ocupación del tranvía en tiempo real