Friday, October 09, 2020

North of Tenerife Rally, without public

Rallye Orvecame Norte from some years back

Owing to the current rate of incidence of COVID-19 and that the islands remain on "red alert", the management of the Escudería Daute-Realejos has decided to adopt the following decisions, which directly affect the organization of the thirty-sixth edition of the Rallye Orvecame Norte-Cicar Trophy, scheduled for 10 October: Due to the impossibility of controlling the access of fans and their safe permanence in the usual monitoring points of the race, at the side of the road, and taking into account the regional measures that affect all multitudinous events in the islands, the 36th Rallye Orvecame Norte - Cicar Trophy will take place without the presence of the public in any of the stages.

This decision is of an extraordinary nature and is adopted in order to guarantee the viability of the rally, prioritizing the health of the people who make up the teams, the organization and the numerous fans that accompany us every year.

The organization of the 36th Rallye Orvecame Norte - Cicar Trophy greatly regrets this decision and appreciates the understanding of motor racing fans in the Canary Islands who, for years have come to support the event. However, it invites all those interested in following the rally live to connect with the wide network of media that will broadcast throughout the day on October 10 on television, radio, digital portals and social networks as it happens on the roads of Garachico, El Tanque, Icod de los Vinos, La Guancha and Los Realejos.

This rally had already been postponed from March, because of the lockdown, but is now going ahead with at least 99 teams registered

Rallye Norte de Tenerife, sin público