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Monday, November 09, 2020

2020 Great Food Drive Needs Volunteers

2020 Great Food Drive Needs Volunteers

Immersed in the second wave of the pandemic, the Great Food Collection, the solidarity campaign held annually by the Spanish Federation of Food Banks to collect millions of kilos of food quickly, in order to help feed so many vulnerable families, it will start shortly.

It needs you, because the Food Banks are overwhelmed. These months of health and economic crisis have caused requests for food aid to skyrocket exponentially. Our warehouses have been forced to maintain and replenish their stocks permanently if they want to guarantee supply to charities.

It also needs you because, for security reasons, the Great Collection in this edition will not accept food donations, but they will be accepting financial ones. And to carry out this new safer campaign, they will need the collaboration of hundreds of thousands of volunteers to inform shoppers of this new form of donation, which follows all health guarantee protocols.

The success of the initiative depends on the involvement and support of these informative volunteers on November 21, 22 and in some locations on November 22, who in 4-hour shifts inform store clients of the dynamics of donation at the collection points.

The collaboration of the informative volunteers in GR2020 will be subject to the legal decisions of the local, regional and national authorities.

You can volunteer here and make a donation online here.

Gran Recogida de Alimentos 2020 (Via)

The Food Banks are non-profit, apolitical and non-denominational entities that work to combat hunger, poverty and food waste for the most needy people. The Great Food Collection is the most important activity of the Food Banks throughout the year.