Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Christmas in Santa Cruz: Lights, fireworks, music & theater make up the festive program

Lights in the Calle Bethencourt Alfonso, Santa Cruz

The City Council of Santa Cruz de Tenerife presented on Tuesday the Christmas program for the city. The first act will take place tomorrow, Thursday, 26 November, at 7:00 p.m., when the Christmas lights, made up of more than three million LED bulbs, are officially turned on. This will be transmitted through social networks to avoid the public gathering to watch.

The Christmas lighting in Tenerife's capital this year will have more than 26 kilometers of garlands, 686 Christmas motifs, 170 light arches and five floor motifs. Perhaps the most striking thing is the tunnel of light in the Plaza del Príncipe, which will be about 90 meters long and a cascade of LED lights. A total of 140 streets will be illuminated throughout the municipality. Also the annual planting of the poinsettias began on Tuesday. 

Theater, film, exhibitions, music and dance are all included in the culture program for the Christmas period. The Guimerá Theater will offer shows for children, as will the La Recova Scenic Space. It was also announced that the Book Fair will be held from December 3 to 8 in the Palmetum car park. Comedian Manolo Vieira will perform at the Guimerá.

Folkloric groups, in groups of 6, will tour the districts animating the streets with Christmas carols, activities in which the three bands of the municipality will also participate. The city's shop windows will become improvised art galleries, where different artists will exhibit their creations. This Tuesday, Marco y María's store was already showing one of the works. On December 5 the nativity scene in the Plaza de la Candelaria will be inaugurated, while on the 15th the Palmetum will open to the show Naturaleza Encendida (literally, Nature Lit Up), which has already sold 2,000 tickets.

New Year

Spanish Television will broadcast the chimes marking the end of the year from the Plaza de España and the fireworks displays in the five districts celebrating the New Year.

Three Kings

There won't be a Three Kings parade and their reception ceremony will be held behind closed doors. The city council is negotiating for it to be broadcast on television. What there will be are paseos reales (royal walks) through the five districts of the city. Although they didn't give many details, the council did advance that there will be no stops and that the exact route in each district will only be known at very short notice to avoid crowds.

The program presented by Santa Cruz may undergo variations, as it is still subject to authorisation by Public Health of the Government of the Canary Islands.

Both the Local Police and Civil Protection will be ensuring compliance with the rules and collaborating in everything that stores, residents and visitors may need.