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Saturday, November 07, 2020

Health Department plans screenings in Tenerife, as the island continues on COVID-19 red alert until at least November 20

Health Department plans coronavirus screenings in Tenerife

Screening would begin with the areas with a greater incidence in Santa Cruz and La Laguna and with reverse tracking extensible to the rest of the islands

In line with the latest epidemiological data, the Ministry of Health has confirmed that Tenerife will continue to maintain the restrictive measures of the so-called red traffic light until at least November 20. The General Directorate of Public Health, reports that the island of Tenerife, with an accumulated incidence of 60.03 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, continues to be an island with a high level of transmission, for which the specific measures are maintained.

Tenerife presents the highest number of new daily cases and with a gradual increase, it has been decided to implement additional control and monitoring measures on the island.

Screenings and reverse tracing

The Ministry of Health plans to carry out screenings in those areas of the island with a greater incidence. Technical criteria will be followed, such as the cumulative incidence in the seven days, the number of cases in people over 65 years of age, the associated percentage of outbreaks and the average increase in cases in the last two weeks. Except for modifications, it would begin with the areas of Añaza, Barranco Grande and Salamanca, in Santa Cruz de Tenerife; and La Cuesta, Taco and Tejina-Tegueste, in La Laguna.

Likewise, reverse tracking will be carried out, extending the days of searching for close contacts and making the criteria for close contact more flexible, in addition to influencing the search for potentially exposed cases, which would include people from a territory with an incidence greater than that of of the Canary Islands. This reverse tracking will begin in Tenerife, but it is planned to extend it to all the islands.

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