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Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Santa Cruz issues new plea to citizens to follow rules and limit social encounters, due to the high incidence of coronavirus

The Streets of Santa Cruz de Tenerife Mstyslav Chernov, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The mayor of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, José Manuel Bermúdez, has asked citizens to define their social group (those they live with in stable coexistence), to limit meetings outside of it and that, in any case, limit meetings and gatherings to a maximum of ten people.

These are part of the recommendations made by the mayor of Santa Cruz de Tenerife in a new plea in which he reiterates the need for the observance of the measures issued by the Canary Islands Health Council, as well as appealing to responsibility and common sense of the citizens of the capital and its visitors to stop this second wave of infections.

"This responsibility implies adopting attitudes consistent with the risks to which we expose ourselves and trying to avoid them as much as possible, as well as avoiding one's own exposure and others to such risks," says Bermúdez.

The mayor recalls that given that Tenerife remains on RED ALERT until November 20 due to the number of registered infections, "it is extremely important that citizens become aware of the need to comply with the rules and recommendations established by the health authorities, as only in this way can the rate of contagions be slowed and the adoption of more severe measures that would cause serious harm to all can be avoided.

He also insists that the measure of maintaining the interpersonal safety distance of at least 1.5 meters must be complied with, on public roads, in open-air spaces and in any closed space for public use, of those that are open to the public or, failing that, alternative measures of physical protection of adequate hygiene and the mandatory use of a mask.

It is proposed to require all municipal areas to implement in their respective services all those actions that contribute to prevent and contain the disease and enforce the measures and recommendations established by the competent health authority. 

For this reason, "cleaning will be intensified in places with the greatest agglomeration of people, both in public spaces and in municipal offices, as well as in specific areas where a high level of transmission is detected."

Awareness campaigns will be promoted by the different competent areas, in order to convey to the public the need to adopt responsible behavior and respect the measures and established recommendations.