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Saturday, November 14, 2020

Vote for the Tenerife Carnival 2021 Poster

The 10 finalists for the 2021 Carnival Poster

Carnival in 2021 may only consist of a tribute gala and some audiovisual events, but it's still going to have a poster and you can vote online for your favourite from the ten finalists

The Santa Cruz de Tenerife City Council, on Wednesday of this week, opened the voting period for the official Carnival 2021 poster, under the theme of 'Carnivals of the World'. Voting will remain open until November 30. The process will be secret, but you need to provide an email address (only Gmail accounts) to cast your vote.

These are the titles of the ten finalists: 
  • Navegando al carnaval (Navigating to Carnival)
  • La vuelta al mundo en 80 Carnavales (Around the world in 80 carnivals)
  • Santa Cruz, epicentro del carnaval mundial (Santa Cruz, epicenter of world carnival)
  • Mujer (Woman)
  • La importancia del color (The importance of color)
  • Los cinco continentes descubren el carnaval santacrucero más internacional (The five continents discover the most international carnival in Santa Cruz)
  • Eclipse lunar (Lunar Eclipse)
  • Desde Santa Cruz de Tenerife para el mundo (From Santa Cruz de Tenerife to the world)
  • Una noche de carnavales del mundo (A night of Carnivals in the world)
  • Los mejores carnavales del mundo (The best carnivals in the world)