Sunday, December 06, 2020

Can Tenerife stop the virus?

The people of Tenerife reflect on the advance of the pandemic on the island.

Curfew, limitation of groups to four people, prohibition of consumption at the bar ... In the middle of the December bridge and with Christmas knocking on the door, the people of Tenerife see how the coronavirus advances on an island that has developed the trend of adding more than one hundred new cases of COVID-19 every day

Tenerife yesterday registered more than a hundred new positive cases in 24 hours and this has been going on for several days. That is why last night the people of Tenerife suffered their first curfew and their first day with groups limited to a maximum of four people.

Citizens seem to be aware of the rules, but they cannot agree on what triggers the increase in cases in Tenerife. Some attribute it to tourism: They denounce that visitors roam freely in the South "without a mask or distance."

There are also those who speak of the crowds in shopping centers, especially during this December short break and with Christmas knocking on the door. Furthermore, in cold weather, "it seems that the virus spreads more easily."

Given all this, young people feel that the new measures are "late", that they could have been taken earlier and that they should last at least until after Christmas. “It is no good taking [extra] measures now and then loosening them at Christmas and the infections double. We all want to see our families, but now health is more important ”, insisted one.

Regarding the curfew, the citizens consulted see it as a “positive” measure because, as another said, “it makes it easier for the police, since they have been enduring excuses and impertinences from those who do not want to comply with the rules for weeks”. 

There are those who consider that vigilance is still missing, because people who "do not wear masks or put it on badly."

Of course, with greater vigilance and restrictions, another person points out that "freedom is restricted", because "leisure is limited, going out with friends." But she clarifies: "Now it is what we've got, because people were not responsible when they should have been."

The word "relax" came up several times in the conversations held yesterday in the surroundings of the Plaza Weyler Santa Cruz. "What would have happened if the Canary Islands had not been excluded from the curfew?" [Implemented in other parts of Spain.] "Do Canarians believe that we are immune to COVID-19?" They asked, knowing that now, in the second wave of the virus, we can only hope that it is not too late to stop the virus in Tenerife.

¿Podrá Tenerife frenar al virus?