Friday, December 11, 2020

La Laguna hold 2nd Animal Adoption Fair online

Online Adoption Fair 12-13 December

The Department of Animal Welfare has organised this event, on December 12 and 13, to promote the adoption of pets and make the work of the municipal protectors visible.

The second edition of the Adoption Fair arrives in La Laguna with the news that it will be held 100% online. The remarkable reception that this event received in the previous year has meant that this 2020 edition is for anyone who wants to sign up virtually by registering on the platform that will host the event. The relevance of this initiative is to favor the protection and care of animals, as well as to value the work carried out by the protectors.

The Adoption Fair takes place on Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 December and will include a wide variety of activities, among them talks by professionals, such as trainers, and people who have adopted [in Spanish, obviously]. One of the star activities of the Adoption Fair is the animal parade in order to publicize some of the animals available for adoption. 

During the three days after the broadcast of the fair there will also be a food collection.