Thursday, January 14, 2021

Appealing to San Antonio Abad in 2021

Spectators would gather in front of the former Bernadine convent of San Sebastián

Christmas, New Year and Los Reyes have come and gone. At the end of January, Spring will begin to arrive with almond blossoms, then the celebration of Candlemas ... and in-between, in better times, there have been the delightful fiestas of San Antonio Abad (Anthony the Abbot) to enjoy, when animals of all shapes and sizes are brought to be blessed. Originally it was just livestock, but has grown to include every variety of domestic animal too from dogs and snakes and lizardy things and turkeys on leads and even tiny turtles in baskets ...

In Arona, this festival is often the start of the year's calendar of Romerías and they are celebrated in some way or another in Chio, GüímarLos Silos (3rd Sunday), Buenavista del Norte (4th Sunday), La Matanza de Acentejo, Tigaiga and in La Florida (La Orotava), where a massive cook-out feeds around 5,000 with puchero. Not this year, of course, because of COVID, so we offer you these links to more articles and photos of this lovely tradition.

Anthony is also appealed to against infectious diseases. Worth a try?