Saturday, January 30, 2021

Carnival photography contests

How we enjoyed Carnival before 2000: the cutest baby elephants in the Coso Infantil
(Kid's Carnival Parade) in 1995. Rambla de Pulido before the tram tracks were installed.

Fiestas has announced that they are opening the registration period for the Carnival photography contests on Monday and even if you're not interested in participating, we can surely look forward to seeing some of the winning entries in the categories listed.

Registration for the contests opens on Monday, February 1 - six for amateurs and one for professionals - that are part of the activities programmed for the virtual Carnival.

The, very literally translated, categories for the amateur contests are as follows: "Carnival Widows: we are happy because we will have you with us one more year", "The Carnival of your life or how we enjoyed Carnival before 2000", "This year the little ones dress up at home", "That's how I came out, that's how I came: photography never lies", "Don't bark at me, little masquerade: dress up your pet" and "Dress up your balcony". 

Professionals will be able to participate in the 1st Santa Cruz in Carnival Photo Contest.

The amateur contests will be endowed with first prizes of 300 euros; 125 euros for second; and 75 euros for third place. The companies sponsoring the Carnival will also present the winners with lots of gifts. Winners will be communicated on February 17 through the social networks of the Autonomous Organization of Parties and Recreational Activities