Friday, January 08, 2021

Keeping the spirit of the carnival alive

Daytime Carnival around the Plaza del Príncipe (Santa Cruz de Tenerife) in 2019

When it was announced that there would be no Carnival in Santa Cruz de Tenerife in 2021 - especially not events in the streets that would draw crowds - it was, however, announced that there would be some activities to maintain the spirit of the festivities during the weeks in which it should have been celebrated. So far, we've been given some information about a gala intended to choose Guardians of the Sceptre until Carnival 2022, from among carnival queens of the last 20 years and we will continue with that series over the next couple of weeks. But, because Easter and, therefore, Lent are early this year, today marks just one week away from what should have been the Inauguration of Carnival 2021. 

If it's any consolation (probably not), the earlier it is, the more likely carnival could be disrupted by bad weather anyway, so if we have to miss one, let it be an early one. 

Nevertheless, in our own desire to keep the spirit of carnival alive, we've planned a series of posts that will coincide with the dates that the various events that should have been taking place, starting next week with the inauguration and continuing through the various contests and galas to the parades and other events. In between, we'll bring any news of events that do take place this year and in particular include links to any online coverage. The one 'bonus' we've all got out of this dreadful pandemic is that we now have access to an enormous amount of online media that we can watch from wherever we are in the world. 

And to keep the carnival spirit alive a bit longer still and because we won't have the various groups and candidates for the carnival queens to share throughout the rest of the year, we're also planning a weekly series on Tenerife carnivals through history with the sincere hope that you'll enjoy it as much as we do researching it. Once we can all travel and gather for such celebrations again, I hope the understanding will make us appreciate it all the better.