Monday, January 25, 2021

Santa Cruz, heart of Virtual Carnival 2021

Gala de la Reina Adulta (Carnival Queen Gala) in 2020

Santa Cruz is preparing for a Virtual Carnival, which will be tailor-made for television and other audiovisual media, which will revolve around five programs that will be broadcast on Televisión Canaria and TVE in mid-February

Santa Cruz City Council will keep the carnival flame alive - as the mayor announced - with five television programs that will be broadcast in mid-February. The highlight will be the show that will close the broadcasts, which will be presented as "Santa Cruz, the heart of Carnival." A queen will not be chosen because all the participants have already been proclaimed in a previous edition in the last two decades. These will be the stars of that evening.

The virtual carnival aims to maintain the flame of the carnival alive until the current sanitary restrictions lift to allow the celebration an event in honor of the carnival, perhaps in October or November, as a prelude to a long-awaited Carnival 2022, if the virus allows it.

Rather than have rehearsals that, until 2020, involved more than 5,000 members in more than a hundred official carnival groups - murgas adults and junior, rondallas, comparsas, musical and choreographic groups - the Department of Fiestas has entrusted artistic director Enrique Camacho with the preparations for five television programs.

Two Documentaries

Two documentaries: one as springboard for lyrical voices, will be combined with another that will show a feeling of ownership of the carnival that is transmitted from generation to generation, where musical, choreographic groups and children's groups play a fundamental role in cultivating the passion for the world of fantasy and originality.

The best of the 21st century 

Along with these two documentaries, Fiestas is working on two contests tailored to murgas and comparsas. For these, they have asked the groups that participated in the last edition - Carnival 2020 - to present what they consider to be their best song - in the case of critical groups - or the best performance - for the troupes - of the last twenty years. The performances of each contest will be made with the fragments of those that were broadcast at the time [assume they mean edited recordings]. The public will play a fundamental role in choosing the best songs and performances of recent years, by telephone vote.

The queens who guard the sceptres

The Virtual Carnival will bring together 20 sovereigns (12 adult, 3 junior and 5 senior) to choose who will guard the sceptersHumberto Gonar

The fifth television program will consist of a show that will be presented as "Santa Cruz, the heart of Carnival", in which will participate queens from the last twenty years.

The fact that Virtual Carnival 2021 is an edition without a street party, or contests as they are traditionally known, led the organization to invent a new format with candidates who are already queen. The protagonists do not aspire to a crown, because they already have one, but they will guard the sceptre from February, to be kept until better times arrive.

The show "Santa Cruz, heart of the Carnival" will bring together, for the first time, representatives of the three categories of queens; junior, senior and adult, in a new format where parades are scheduled to be recorded to comply with the security measures imposed by COVID. The election of the guardians of the sceptres will be from a montage of the recordings of the parades of the twenty candidates and will star murgas, comparsas, rondallas and musical groups of carnival. For this, the director of the show has asked each of the carnival modalities to designate two representatives of each murga, comparsa, rondalla and musical group, while in the case of children's formations, one child per group. 

Junior Carnival Queens from 2017-2019

The Junior Queens

The three representatives are the sovereigns proclaimed between 2017 and 2019: Amaia Hernández Perdomo, who will return to the stage –four years later– repeating designer, Eduardo Martín Quintero; Ayelén Pierchurowicz Lutzardo, who won the sceptre three years ago with a creation by Borja Abreu, will wear a fantasy by Ruymán Pérez, while the children's queen of 2019, Ylenia Rodríguez Domínguez, who took the sceptre for Santi Castro, will wear a creation of another award-winning designer: Ángel González.

Marta Morales Paz, Senior Carnival Queen in Santa Cruz 2018

The five Senior Sovereigns

The carnival veterans will be represented by five out of the six senior queens chosen between 2014 and 2019. Águeda Méndez, won the sceptre seven years ago with a creation by Javier Caraballero and this time she will wear a fantasy by Willy Luis Alonso. Rosenda Campos, senior queen in 2015, also has a new designer; six years ago she paraded with Samuel Curbelo and in 2021 she will parade with a creation by David Hernández. María Casañas, who won the sceptre for the seniors in 2016 with a creation by her brother Miguel Cañadas, will dress in a fantasy of another of the kings of the category, Antonio Santos Arteaga, while Antonia Garrido, sovereign of 2019, with a creation of Antonio Santos Arteaga, will wear a creation by Arganda de la Rosa. Of the five senior queens, only one repeats designer: Marta Morales, senior queen in 2018, with Cristian Santana. 

Twelve Queens from the last Twenty Years 

In the adult category, twelve queens from the last twenty years will parade. By seniority, Silvia González, proclaimed queen twenty years ago in 2001, with "Talismán", by Juan Pedro Quintero, will parade in the show with a creation by Yeray Díaz. Amanda Perdomo San Juan, in 2014, and Cecilia Navarro, in 2016, will open the doors to the show "Santa Cruz, the heart of Carnival". The other participants are; Elisabeth García (2007), Ana María Tavárez (2009), Alicia San Juan (2010) and Naomi Cabrera (2011), Adtemexi Cruz, in 2015 and Carmen Laura Lourido (2018), Neólida Hernández, proclaimed in 2006, Soraya Rodríguez, queen in 2013 and Priscila Medina Quintero from 2019.

The twelve queens will premiere costumes and, in many cases, have new sponsors in a show designed to feed the flame of carnival in the midst of the imposed by sanitary measures, where the competitiveness of previous years is relegated to second place.