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Tuesday, February 09, 2021

Concert with lyrical group Los Fregolinos

Lyrical group Los Fregolinos

Los Fregolinos, said to be the oldest group in carnival, appeared for the first time at the Carnival, or Winter Festival of 1962. Since then, they have not missed a year. They have history, tradition and a loyal public that attends their annual concerts at the Teatro Guimerá, which this year should have taken place today, Tuesday 9 February 2021. This year, sadly, will be different. This year, of course, because of the COVID pandemic, carnival will not be taking place and instead, virtual carnival events will be taking place between 17 February and 7 March, at which the rondallas, the musical groups and children's groups will be present in the productions 'Las Voces del Carnaval' (The Voices of Carnival).