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Sunday, February 21, 2021

COVID-19 | Tenerife raised to alert level 2

COVID-19 | Tenerife and Gran Canaria go to alert level 2

The update of measures will be effective at 00.00 hours this Monday, February 22, once the extraordinary restrictions approved for the carnival period expire.

The Ministry of Health has agreed this Sunday, February 21, after analysing the evolution of the indicators to raise the island of Tenerife to alert level 2 and lower Gran Canaria to this same level, while El Hierro and Fuerteventura go to level 1. The islands of Lanzarote and La Graciosa remain unchanged, which continues at level 4, and La Palma and La Gomera at level 1. The changes will come into effect coinciding with the weekly update and will remain in effect until February 28, except in the case of Tenerife, which will be until March 7.

Alert level 2 (Tenerife and Gran Canaria)

Limitation of the freedom of movement of people at night [curfew]

Freedom of movement is restricted at night from 11:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. every day.

Capacity among non-cohabitants in public and private spaces

Groups of people are limited to a maximum of 6, except in the case of cohabitants. If the group includes both cohabiting and non-cohabiting people, it must not exceed 6 people.

Specific measures for hotels, restaurants and terraces, bars and cafes

The number of diners per table is reduced to 6 people and closing before 23.00. On terraces or in other outdoor spaces the maximum authorized capacity will be 75% and indoors restricted to 50%, with a maximum of 2 people allowed at the bar, with a safety distance between them of 2 meters. Activities that encourage not maintaining interpersonal safety distance or not wearing masks, such as dances, karaoke, etc., are prohibited.

Sport practice

For group activities in the interior areas of sports facilities and centres where it is not possible to maintain a safety distance of 2 meters permanently, a maximum number of 6 people per group is allowed, including the monitor. In addition, a safety distance of 2 m between the different groups must be guaranteed at all times. No more than 50% of the capacity for each of the rooms and sports centres.

In the open air, sports are allowed in groups of maximum 6 people, including a monitor, if the interpersonal safety distance of 2 meters cannot be maintained permanently. Non-professional federated sports activity is allowed in modalities with more than 10 people exceeding the maximum necessary for the development of the activity.

Public transport

In the regular urban and metropolitan public land passenger transport, its capacity is reduced to 50%. Surveillance of urban land transportation will be reinforced at peak times to avoid crowds. At peak times, avoid using public transport for non-essential or postponed trips.

Hospitals and health care centres

In hospitals, external visits are limited, being under the supervision of the centre. In addition, the use of FFP2-type masks and face shields is recommended by personnel who have direct care with patients in these centers, as well as reinforcing ventilation.

COVID-19 | Tenerife y Gran Canaria pasan a nivel de alerta 2