Thursday, February 04, 2021

Las Celias de Tenerife in 2020

Las Celias de Tenerife at the Cabalgata Anunciadora (Opening Parade) in 2020

Las Celias de Tenerife have been part of carnival in Santa Cruz since 1996 and began as a group of friends who decided to dress alike paying tribute to the singer Celia Cruz, known as 'Queen of Salsa'. Since then, they have not missed a single year. Until this one, of course. 

It's when you realise that it's not just the contests, the parades, the murgas, the comparsas, the various queens ... but so many characters, individuals and friends that will be missing from carnival this year that you begin to appreciate the scale of the feeling of loss. Sure it's a loss of earnings for the city too, but nothing whatsoever, compared to the potential loss of life to COVID, of course, but a sense of loss and longing none the less. When events can finally be held again in Tenerife, take my word for it: they will be celebrated LARGE! 

Las Celias de Tenerife at the Coso Apoteosis in 2020