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Saturday, February 27, 2021

The most beautiful road in Spain is in Tenerife

Image by Frank Nürnberger from Pixabay

Travel portal Civitatits has drawn up a ranking of the most beautiful roads in the national geography and, of the thousands and thousands of kilometres of roads in Spain, have designated the access road to Teide via La Orotava in Tenerife as the best. 

According to the portal, whose website receives an average of 200 million page views per year and more than 700,000 opinions, the Tenerife highway even surpasses the roads that cross landscapes as recurrent as the lakes of Covadonga or the access to Cabo de Gata. Although the TF-21 crosses a good part of the island from La Orotava to Granadilla de Abona, it has been the sections that run in the middle of the Teide National Park that have convinced the Civitatits portal. There are two main aspects that have made the island highway rank at the top of the ranking. On the one hand, its route through the middle of the Teide National Park, leaving on both sides the landscape of volcanic flows, endemic vegetation and the view of different geographical strata that are quite a spectacle to behold. On the other, the imposing appearance of Teide itself, crowning the road with its 3,715 meters high and generating even more impact among visitors.

It is the only Canarian road that manages to sneak into the ranking. The rest of the list of the tourist portal is completed by the roads of the lakes of Covadonga, in Asturias; of the swamps, in Madrid; Sa Calobra, in Mallorca; Cala D'Hort, in Ibiza; the lighthouses of Mola and Barbaria, in Formentera; Cabo de Gata, in Almería; the Jerte valley, in Cáceres; Cape Fisterra, in Galicia; and access to the so-called Devil's Bridge, in Tarragona.