Friday, March 05, 2021

Santa Cruz Virtual Carnival Galas 2021

The Tenerife Recinto Ferial hosted the recording of ‘Santa Cruz, the heart of Carnival’ with Enrique Camacho directing. A unique carnival television show that you can see on Sunday 7 March from 9:30 p.m.

This weekend we come to the climax of the Santa Cruz Virtual Carnival Program 2021 with the three televised galas: 'La Canción del Siglo' (Song of the Decade), being televised on RadioTelevisión Canaria on Friday 5 March at 22:15; 'La Noche de las Comparsas' (The Night of the Comparsas), on Saturday 6 March at 21:30 and ‘Santa Cruz, Corazón del Carnaval’ (Santa Cruz, Heart of Carnival) on Sunday 7 March at 21:30.

On Friday 5 March at 22:15 it will be the turn of 'La Canción del Siglo' (Song of the Decade), a show performed from the set of the Recinto Ferial in which the best murga song of the last decades will be chosen by popular vote. 

One day later, on Saturday 6 March at 21:30, the show 'La Noche de las Comparsas' (The Night of the Comparsas) will be broadcast, choosing the most brilliant choreography of the last decades, through a live voting system in which the public will be able to choose between: Bahía Bahitiare 2018 In Search of Treasure; Canarian Dancers 2017 Black Gold, Latin and Brazilian Mix; Los Cariocas 2020 Varied Potpourri Cariocas; Los Rumberos 2008 The Magic; Orinoco River 2017 Legend; Tabajaras 2020 Un Giardino Di Colori; Tropicana 2018 Quimbara and Valleiros 2012 Looking to Africa. Los Joroperos will also be present at this gala, although they will participate with a performance outside of the competition.

The events scheduled in this virtual edition of the Santa Cruz carnival, conclude with the ‘Santa Cruz, Corazón del Carnaval’ (Santa Cruz, Heart of Carnival) gala, on Sunday 7 March at 21:30 on Televisión Canaria (hoping this will also be streamed via CarnavalTVC) and Televisión Española; in which the three Guardians of the Sceptre will be chosen, a group of custodians that will be made up of former carnival queens, in the adult, child and senior categories. This show of approximately two and a half hours will be punctuated by good humor and many surprises; in addition to appealing to nostalgia and the feeling of hope to once again recover the essence of carnival in the streets of the capital.

Mexican Singer Carlos Rivera
Image: Marty Berryman
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One of the most anticipated surprises will be the presence of the international singer Carlos Rivera, who joins the more than 30 Canarian artists and the numerous members of murgas, comparsas, rondallas and musical groups that participate in the different musical numbers. 

A total of nine renowned presenters of radio and television  will be part of the gala that will unveil the Guardians of the Scepter, "Santa Cruz, el Corazón del Carnaval" (Santa Cruz, Heart of Carnival), along with more than 30 local artists and Mexican singer Carlos Rivera, including: journalists Pilar Rumeu y Alicia Rodríguez, Televisión Canaria; Bene Fuentes, Antena 3; Guillermo García, Cadena COPE; Manolo Artiles, Mírame TV; Sergio de la Rosa, Radio Nacional de España; Manoj Daswani, Radio Club Tenerife; Carolina González, Televisión Española en Canarias and Miguel Ángel Daswani, presenter of Canarias Radio. Each have each recorded their intervention in the show that will be broadcast on March 7 by Televisión Canaria, in different time blocks: a strict recording format adapted to current sanitary measures.

Eight Musical Groups that participated in the filming of the gala were Chaxiraxi, Caña dulce, Sabor isleño, SiBoney, Teiderife, Salsabor, Cantares Luz de Luna and Los yuppies. Each of the groups is represented by two of its members to limit the number of people present.

El Carnaval virtual afronta su última semana con la elección de las Guardianas del Cetro