Friday, April 30, 2021

May Festivities with decorated crosses and VIII Insular Handicraft Fair in Puerto de la Cruz

Decorated cross on 3 May in Puerto de la Cruz

Puerto de la Cruz celebrates the crosses in the May Festivities and the Plaza Reyes Católicos will host the VIII Insular Handicraft Fair from April 30

The City Council of Puerto de la Cruz is encouraging citizens so that, "with respect to all the extraordinary measures to contain the spread of the coronavirus", this May they may participate in the festivities by visiting the decorated crosses in the municipality. The traditional decorating of the crosses is "one of the most striking and picturesque events in neighbourhoods and streets."

A tour of nine artistic crosses is prepared, made and designed by various groups in the municipality, which can be enjoyed in all the neighbourhoods. Likewise, the Department of Festivities, together with the artisan space of La Ranilla, will once again promote the exhibition of recycled crosses, "within the possibilities that exist in the current situation."

This year, the VIII Insular Handicraft Fair will open the Puerto de la Cruz May Festivities on April 30 in the Plaza de los Reyes Católicos (McDonalds). 

The big day of these festivities is May 3, the day that also celebrates the founding of the municipality, and will be marked through the reading of the Royal Certificate of Felipe IV that opened the door to the constitution of Puerto de la Cruz independently of La Orotava. The certificate entered into force on May 3, 1651. 370 years ago. 

VIII Feria Insular de Artesanía a partir del 30 de abril