Friday, April 23, 2021

North of Tenerife Rally 2021

Rallye Orvecame Norte Escudería Daute Realejos

The Escudería Daute Realejos has advanced the configuration of the 37th North Rally, which will open the 2021 Regional Rally Championship on April 23 and 24, with a design that largely repeats the configuration of the 2020 season. The action begins with the 'Villa de Los Realejos-La Guancha' section, which last year was contested over 16.4 km, extended to the 19.17 km it had in the 2019 edition of the northern rally, whose record (10 ' 56 ”6) was then established by Enrique Cruz-Yeray Mujica with the Porsche 911 997 GT3. 

The only section that will have three passes is ‘El Tanque-Garachico-Ciudad del Drago’ with 13.04 km, which in 2020 received unanimous praise for the variety of its route. Enrique Cruz-Yeray Mujica set the best time (8'06 ”445) with the Ford Fiesta R5. The sensation of the 36th Rally North, held on October 10, 2020, was the unprecedented and complex stage of 'Las Llanadas', despite its short distance of 4.52 km, and whose difficulty increased with the rain. Now that difficulty is increased by almost tripling its distance, to 11.21 km. 

After half a blank year, and with the permission of the ‘Santísima Sanidad’ (Holy Health) Department, on the 23rd and 24th of April, the rallies will be restarted in the North of Tenerife, also with the opening of the Regional Championship. The provisional list with 92 registered is spectacular in quantity. Of those registered in the 2021 North Rally, there are several winners in past editions: Luis Monzón (4), Juan Luis Cruz (2), Yeray Lemes (1) and Enrique Cruz the last two, 2019 with Porsche 922 997 GT3 and that of 2020 with the Ford Fiesta R5.

Escudería Daute Realejos has published the official list of entries for the North Rally with a total of 92 entries: 80 in Speed and 12 in Regular Sport. At the same time it has been declared "without public", something that was already planned. On the other hand, AEMET (State Meteorological Agency) forecasts moderate and continuous rains.