Friday, April 09, 2021

Rally Sprint Tejina – Tegueste

Preparations are in place for the first Rally Sprint Tejina – Tegueste

Here's a new one: the Rallye Sprint Tejina-Tegueste, which is scheduled to take place on Saturday 10 April 2021. Apparently, the first edition of this event was previously planned for December last year, but had to be suspended because of the COVID-19 restrictions in place at that time. Now preparations are back on for this new fixture on the rally calendar. 

The video below drives part of the intended route for this new rally. We have to assume that the drivers in the actual trial will encounter *less* vans coming in the opposite direction. The condition of the road surface and number of potholes will make it interesting in some sections. And I know from personal experience that all those residents who live right alongside the road will probably hear of this the first time a noisy vehicle rushes past. Do they know they'll need to move their parked cars and plant pots?  Can you see this even being allowed in other locations? That's what makes it so typical of Tenerife.