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Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Canary Islands Parliament approves Trans Law

The Parliament of the Canary Islands unanimously approved the new Trans Law today, agreed with the LGTBI groups of the islands and that contemplates gender self-determination and the depathologization of trans people, and that places the Canary Islands on the list of autonomous communities that have a more advanced law than the state standard. 

The Law on social equality and non-discrimination based on gender identity, gender expression and sexual characteristics recognizes the right to self-determination of people to gender identity, normalizing and removing LGTBI and trans people from the scope of social exclusion.

Its main novelties lie, among others, in the depathologization of the reality of trans people, the improvement of the administrative treatment of people from these groups and the regulation of sanction and infringement measures.

This norm improves the 2014 Law on non-discrimination based on gender identity and recognition of the rights of transsexual people, and incorporates the necessary measures to guarantee and protect the full exercise of free self-determination of gender, without discrimination, and in all areas of political, economic, cultural and social life.

For the Mixed Group, Vidina Espino stressed that the approval of this law is "a milestone in the fight for equality of LGBTI people", which "thanks to their work and effort will allow us to advance in freedom, equality and rights"; He also said that it is a rule destined to become a benchmark and that protects a very vulnerable group, while sending a message of unity to Canarian society.

Melodie Mendoza, from ASG, thanked the LGTBI collective for their "work, tenacity and commitment" to make their rights visible through a law that represents a "giant step" and "marks the way" for Canarian society "to be aware of and comply with respect for sexual and gender diversity in the islands."

The president of the Sí Podemos Canarias Parliamentary Group, María del Río, recognized the "immense" work that has been carried out during these three years for this text to be approved, and affirmed that it is "a day to celebrate what will be considered a milestone in the history of social progress in the Canary Islands".

Deputy Carmen Hernández (NC) highlighted that the new Trans Law means the construction of new relationship references based on equality and respect in the Canary Islands, it is a legal text that will improve the quality of life of trans and intersex people, and puts the Canary Islands back at the head of rights and freedoms.

From the popular ranks, Luz Reverón stressed that this new norm allows trans people "to be who they are without having to ask permission, without having to put their dignity at risk and without having to choose between pretending that they are someone they are not", while thanking all LGTBI groups "for so many years of struggle."

The nationalist deputy Jesús Machín congratulated the seven parliamentary groups that registered this bill and thanked the speakers "for their tone, generosity and high-mindedness, showing that there is only one thing that unites them: the people." He also hoped that it would be possible for Congress to pass the state Trans Law, since "we cannot turn our back on such important problems for citizens."

To close the debate, the Minister of Social Rights of the Government of the Canary Islands, Noemí Santana, stated that today is "a historic day for the entire Canary Islands", which thanks to this law "becomes a benchmark not only in Spain, but also in All Europe". She also said that with this rule "we are going to make a lot of people live better, people who have historically been discriminated against and who have seen their rights relegated for a long time."

Finally, the president of the Parliament of the Canary Islands, Gustavo Matos, intervened to ask the media that the approval of this law be the most important of those published tomorrow and that this day remain forever "with prominent letters" in the history of Parliament. 

El Parlamento de Canarias aprueba la nueva Ley Trans