Saturday, May 08, 2021

Historic centre of La Laguna to host two scattered exhibitions of handicrafts

San Cristobal de la Laguna
Photo: hectorlo | Some Rights Reserved

The stalls will be distributed between 30 and 50 locations to avoid crowds and will be held on the last two weekends in May

The historic centre of La Laguna is to host the celebration of a dispersed exhibition of crafts, a new format to avoid crowds and adapt to sanitary restrictions and COVID regulations, as announced by councillor of Local Development, José Juan Gavilán.

He explained that the exhibition, called Madra (Dispersed and Resilient Handicraft Sample of Aguere), will have positions distributed between 30 and 50 points, still to be specified, throughout the historic centre, with only one craftsperson exhibiting in each one. “It will not be like the usual handicrafts fair, with all the stalls together, but there will be individual stalls scattered throughout the historic centre, thus avoiding the issue of crowds in a single space. It's like an open-air store, which is even safer,” Gavilán pointed out in this regard.

The exhibitions will be held on the last two weekends of this month, Saturday and Sunday, the first coinciding with the celebration of Día de las Familias (International Day of Families) and, the second, with the Día de Canarias (Day of the Canary Islands).

"We already have the permits processed for both weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) and later, if conditions are good, in October, which is when the large craft fair is held in La Laguna, we will return to the conventional format and if not, we will use this type of dispersed sample model again”, added the councillor in this regard.

José Juan Gavilán valued this initiative to be able to help a sector that "has not been able to go out on the streets for a year and a half and has had absolutely nothing."

Just last Wednesday, the City Council also announced the launch of the Academia Aguere Artesana (Aguere Artisan Academy), a permanent program to offer the municipality's artisan sector an intensive and complete training in digitization, marketing and languages ​​that allows them to adapt its activity to new e-commerce models and expand its ability to make visible and distribute its creations. The Academy will have a digital platform that includes a virtual campus, tutored monitoring and, in its first year, 7 specialized online courses, totally free and with a certificate certifying that the training has been passed.