Friday, May 21, 2021

Tenerife Corporation issues reminder over precautions in the island's natural spaces

It is very important to walk only on approved trails and never leave them.

The Minister of Natural Environment and Safety, Isabel García, recommends reviewing the network of approved trails, the weather forecast, footwear "and above all, calculating our capacity according to age and physical condition to avoid accidents and recklessness."

The Island Council of Tenerife, area of Natural Environment and Security, managed by counsellor Isabel García, has issued a reminder to the population that “the use of protected natural spaces and nature trails, now that summer and the good weather is approaching and, that we have detected a greater presence of people in the natural environment, must always be done with all the necessary precautions and provisions, to avoid risks”.

“The state of alarm that we are experiencing due to the Covid pandemic has led to a greater occupation of the island's natural spaces and trails, and therefore we must remember that it is necessary to enjoy the natural environment with the appropriate equipment: footwear adapted to the terrain on which you will be traveling, warm clothing, sunscreen, hats or caps, walking sticks if necessary and, of course, water. It is very important to walk only on approved trails and never leave them, nor go through fences or private gates”.

It is very important to find out, prior to departure, the degree of difficulty of the route (length of the path, time it takes to travel it and unevenness of the relief) and assess whether the physical ability of the persons allows them to complete it. Likewise, you must plan how you will get to the trail; if a bus will be used and the schedules and stops. Weather predictions will help avoid surprises in the event that rain or strong winds are expected in the area.