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Sunday, June 06, 2021

La Laguna is committed to the tradition of floral tapestries for Corpus Christi

The mayor values ​​"the effort and affection of many people who keep this celebration alive, not only in El Casco (the historic centre of the city), but in the various towns and neighbourhoods of our municipality"

La Laguna celebrates the Corpus Christi festival this Sunday with the challenge of beginning to recover and strengthen the use of traditional floral motifs in the making of decorative elements.

The elaboration of a large tapestry of 10 meters long by 5 wide, in the atrium of the Cathedral, the making of a carpet as far Juan de Vera street, and the recording of a documentary video around this festivity, make up, after the parenthesis that the pandemic brought, "the first step for the Corpus Christi in La Laguna to resurface in all its splendour, as one of the most important festivities in the Canary Islands," said mayor, Luis Yeray Gutiérrez, at a press conference. He thanked the involvement "of the many people who help to maintain and enhance this tradition."

"Many of the festive events in our city have a religious origin, but their significance goes much further, since they also have an important artistic, cultural and anthropological component," the mayor recalled. He indicated that the commitment is to "gradually recover the tapestries made with flowers, as was done in the past, and promote the use of plant materials and aromatic plants from our mountains to decorate our streets." 

Along with the mayor, were councillor for fiestas, Badel Albelo; the dean of the Cathedral, Juan Pedro Rivero; the designer of the tapestry, Moisés Barreto; the carpet maker, María de los Ángeles Díaz Herrera; researcher Julio Torres; and the author of the poster for this edition, Juan Cairós.

"Recovering traditions makes a difference in a municipality like San Cristóbal de La Laguna", said Badel Albelo, who joined the thanks to all the people who make it possible. Compared to last year, in which no type of celebration could be held, the recovery of this event is "a starting point so that our festivals and traditions continue to be in the place they deserve."

The dean of the Cathedral declared that the Corpus and La Laguna intrinsically linked in such a way that we could almost say that the city was born around the Corpus Christi procession of 1497. 

The Corpus Christi festival dates back to the founding of the city, as Julio Torres recalled. "The first act that was celebrated in the city after the conquest was Corpus Christi, celebrated by the friars who accompanied the Adelantado Alonso Fernández de Lugo." Starting in 1907, carpets with floral elements began to be made, but over time and given the difficulty of obtaining materials, one of the main values ​​of this tradition was lost, which was to scent the streets. "Recovering it is not easy, but with determination and work we are going to get there," he said.

The person in charge of making the new tapestry, Moisés Barreto, explained that the design will have a central Eucharistic motif dedicated to the Blessed Sacrament, with the letters JHS surrounded by a large sun, all with a frame of flowers and plant motifs. There will be about 6,000 roses, greens, yellow broom, dates and other natural elements typical of this holiday. In addition, within the atrium of the Cathedral a central aisle will be made dedicated to Saint Joseph in his jubilee year.