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Tuesday, July 13, 2021

July Fiestas in Puerto de la Cruz 2021

Puerto de la Cruz missed out last year on what is their biggest event of the year and of their July Fiestas and, were hoping to celebrate the centenary of the Embarcación de la Virgen del Carmen this year on Tuesday 13 July 2021.

"The cover of La Gaceta de Tenerife, of July 2, 1921, announced, in effect, the first embarcación, that took place at a later date ... one hundred years deserves recognition and commemoration commensurate with its religious and social significance."

It does, but unfortunately, it is not to be. 

This year, the council has announced, there will be no Embarcación de la Virgen del Carmen, but there will be a model of Puerto de la Cruz and the exhibition of boats, in the Plaza del Charco, thanks to the Agrupación Ranillera, to illustrate the essence that characterizes the July festivities in Puerto de la Cruz

For any further events, or those that happen virtually, visit the Fiestas Facebook Page.