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Sunday, July 04, 2021

Social Action in Tenerife increases funds for basic aid by more than 160% this year

Boxes of basic foodstuffs at the Banco de Alimentos de Tenerife (Tenerife Foodbank)

The 31 councils of the island and the entities that distribute basic necessities this year are to receive ten million euros, compared to 3.8 million in 2020 

The Cabildo, through the area of Acción Social (Social Action), is this year distributing 10 million euros in subsidies to the 31 municipalities of the island and to the voluntary organisations that cover the basic needs of the vulnerable population due to the social emergency caused by the pandemic. Counsellor, Marián Franquet, has brought together the representatives of the consistories via a virtual meeting to advance the strategies for organising aid. This meeting joins the previous ones with third sector entities that distribute food and basic goods to determine, with objective data, the distribution criteria.

Franquet summarizes: "The Cabildo makes this extraordinary contribution to respond to the exceptional situation as a result of the Covid-19 crisis." And she adds: "Never before has the Cabildo allocated money to directly address the social emergency in all the municipalities of the island. We began to do so last year, with 3.8 million euros and this reached 10 million."

The call directed to the municipalities will have 6.8 million euros and could be operational in August. The objective is to be able to plan and carry out procedures with the guarantee of these specific economic items, not only to attend to the needs of the people but also to hire personnel that reinforce the attention in the social area.

A total of 3.8 million euros will be distributed among the 31 municipalities to alleviate the needs for food, hygiene, goods and basic services. Municipalities can use up to 20% of the financing to hire personnel to reinforce their social care area. In addition, another three million will be enabled for aid through prepaid cards, specifically, one million to new cards and two to recharge existing ones. Help to plan the system where it is not implemented, improve the efficiency of public resources and give people the dignified treatment they deserve are the three core objectives. This aid is aimed at paying for food, personal hygiene, clothing and footwear, pharmacy, household utensils or basic and essential furniture for the home. Finally, the IASS grants 220,000 euros for municipalities to distribute transport vouchers among their population. Of these, 20,000 will be for social entities that work with migrants in an irregular situation. There is also three million for third sector entities.