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Saturday, July 03, 2021

Tenerife is the second most sought after as a summer tourist destination in Europe

Vista of Mount Teide in the Teide National Park

Only the Greek island of Santorini surpasses Tenerife, valued above all for the Teide National Park | Tourism considers the news "positive" due to the prestige and scope of the source

Tenerife is the second most sought-after European island to travel to this summer, according to a study by the specialized travel portal, Musement. The study runs through virtual tastes in 44 countries in Europe. Tenerife is the favourite destination, not only in Spain, but also in Belgium, Iceland, Latvia, Moldova and Scotland. The platform places the Greek island of Santorini, in the Aegean Sea, as the top option, preferred in the greatest number of countries: eleven. Crete (Greece) and Sardinia (Italy) complete the top places.

For the realization of this report, the data of the search volume in Google of each of the islands in those countries have been taken into consideration. David Pérez, CEO of Tenerife Tourism, appreciates the "good news". He adds that "in addition, it is based on Google searches which gives a wide spectrum of reliability." This, he points out, is linked to being "one of the top 50 post-pandemic destinations worldwide according to Forbes magazine."

Within the wide tourist offer of Tenerife, virtual users highlight the attractiveness of Teide, family tourism or the "spectacular" towns and beaches.

David Pérez outlines the current panorama: "The French market is the one that is growing the most and there is a rebound in German and Eastern [European] countries. Without forgetting the national market because we lead in reservations for July, August and September". Pérez highlights “the capacity for resilience of the destination and we are excited about it. But you cannot plan for the long term with the pandemic". There is the capacity to recover the six million tourists of the winter 2019-2020, a record number. Health factors will determine the success and consolidation of this trend.