Saturday, July 10, 2021

Tenerife launches smart marketing campaign to attract quality European tourism

The promotion seeks to attract the attention of potential visitors who prioritize nature, gastronomy and culture over ‘sun and beach’ 

Turismo de Tenerife begins the largest smart promotion campaign in its history with the intention of attracting quality European visitors by offering what interests them on the island, beyond the traditional offer of sun and beach.

The president of the Cabildo, Pedro Martín, assures that this action will allow Tenerife "to make a notable qualitative leap in its positioning, both this summer and next winter", even more so now that the United Kingdom has announced the abolition of quarantine in the next few days, such that, "we are already noticing in the increase in reservations."

The CEO of Tenerife Tourism, David Pérez, explains that this new campaign is carried out in a micro-segmented way that aims to "inspire the visitor who has never considered coming to our destination before, as that they want something more than sun and beach."

Pedro Martín announced that the key is in the analysis of historical data. "This is a broad campaign that covers five European markets - the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain and the Nordic countries - and comes at a key moment for our destiny," explains the president. Martín insists that «this campaign aims to increase the competitiveness of the destination, which represents a notable leap in positioning that will allow us to position ourselves in a privileged place in searches and reservations of those profiles we are interested in attracting». In addition, "the vaccination rate is being favorable, both in the issuing countries and on the island."

Martín recalls that «our new strategy is focused on inspiring the visitor who does not know us and is looking for something more than sun and beach; who wants to discover a diverse destination, due to its nature, its skies, gastronomy, culture, heritage and wide range of leisure activities». Therefore, the objective will be to appear in the searches of this type of visitor, during the process in which he investigates where he is going to spend his next vacation. 

"One step further"

Lastly, Pedro Martín indicates that "now is the time to go one step further, within what the island is taking in its marketing plan as a smart tourist destination." He adds that "these data will be the basis through which promotional campaigns aimed at specific audiences will be launched, with multiple message formats tailored to different segments of travellers." It is about looking for the ideal format that inspires and attracts the tourist based on their preferences.

"Capture in inspiration phase"

The CEO of Tenerife Tourism, David Pérez, assures that the process will consist of "capturing users in the inspiration phase, when they are still not sure of their destination." He adds that "we will know the impact on searches and ticket purchases to come to Tenerife." Pérez underlines: «The campaigns will not be static. They will be reviewed and optimized regularly based on the results to incorporate the most recent data in order to promote trips to the island, both in high season and at other times of the year." And he concludes: "The main destinations for visitors to Tenerife have changed this year and the reservation time is now much shorter." Therefore, “the way of communicating must also change. The data allows us to target potential travellers with great precision and send them messages at the right time.