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Wednesday, August 04, 2021

Puerto de la Cruz is going back to 'The 90s' for the next Carnival

Wall art in Puerto de la Cruz

Puerto de la Cruz has chosen the theme for its next carnival, in which it will return to 'The 90s' to relive that decade and share a time full of icons in the world of art and culture, and social advances and events that marked the history of Spain, Europe and the world.

A total of 878 people participated this past weekend with their vote, choosing 'The 90s' ​​with 42% of the votes cast. The other candidates were 'Japan' with 22%, 'Lost Civilizations' with 18%, 'Latin America' with 12% and 'Carnaval under 0' (Frozen?) with 5% in last place.

With this result, the Puerto carnival groups, including the designers, are already preparing their, costumes and floats in the hope - COVID permitting - of returning to some sort of normality within the next 7 months, from 17 February to March 7, 2022

PS: If you're wondering: 90 things we love about the '90s