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Tuesday, August 31, 2021

The Fiestas del Cristo recover cultural events under strict security measures

Fiestas del Cristo in La Laguna 2021

The setting for the celebration of religious events will depend on the level of alert on the island, although it's most likely that the main ones will take place in the Plaza del Cristo.

The emblematic Fiestas del Cristo in La Laguna this year will celebrate cultural events in their traditional location of the Plaza del Cristo, after being severely restricted last year.

These events will take place under a strict security protocol, in compliance with health regulations and that means reducing the capacity, so access will be by ticket only, available at www.mueveticket.com and at the point of sale in the square, in addition to all the usual health and security measures and subject to the evolution of the pandemic situation.

On Sep 14th, the big day of the festivities, the pyrotechnic display returns at 11:30 pm. This year they have fireworks that considerably reduce noise pollution by almost 60%.

There will be a fun fair in the military space attached to the square, if the epidemiological situation allows it and the island drops in level, "as a clear sign of support for the situation by which the fair operators have passed”, also with restricted capacity, capacity control and an associated security plan, to make these Fiestas del Cristo safe.

Events began last Friday with the reading of the proclamation announcing the festivities, on horseback, through the streets, a tradition that had not been carried out since 1984.


Regarding religious events, "we cannot confirm timetables or spaces in detail because we are still at level 4 and we are still hopeful of ​​lowering the level and having a greater amplitude of the stage." “The best scenario would be the transfer of the Holy Christ to the cathedral, which today seems almost impossible; the second scenario would be to stay like last year, inside the sanctuary; and the third would be the use of the Plaza del Cristo for the two most important events, on the 9th and 14th, which seems the most plausible option.

The main events will begin on 9th Sep, with the descent of the image in the sanctuary at 11.00 hours, as is tradition, and in the afternoon procession with the Brotherhoods and the Army Artillery Regiment in the Plaza del Cristo.

Meanwhile, on 14th Sep, the big day, at 11.00 the solemn mass would begin in the square, after which, the figure of Christ would return to his sanctuary at noon. That night, the idea would be to celebrate mass again in the plaza, accompanied by the Achamán group. 

Among the cultural events, the the symphonic concert returns to the Plaza del Cristo this Friday at 9:30 p.m. The Las Palmas Symphony Orchestra will interpret themes from Mexican folklore, accompanied by typical instruments of the country and four voices well versed in this genre: Fabiola Trujillo, Mara Pérez, Manuel Estupiñán and José Santana.

In addition, the Plaza del Cristo will also host, as always at 9.30 pm, the Night of Humor, this Saturday; the Reggaecan Festival, on 9 Sep; the Youth Festival of the City of La Laguna, on the 10th; the Sabandeños Festival, on the 11th; the Day of Traditions, the 13th; and the Night of Orchestras, on the 14th, "as a stage show, without dancing" stressed the mayor.

The Teatro Leal will also be the scene of performances such as that of Pablo Milanés, on the 11th; Fimucité, on the 17th; Ainhoa ​​Arteta, on the 18th; or an acoustic one by MClan, on the 24th, among other cultural, sporting events and exhibitions.