Wednesday, September 15, 2021

As long as there's a pandemic there will be no dances, festivals ... nor Carnival

From the television-only carnival gala held in Santa Cruz in 2021

The decree of law recently approved by the Government of the Canary Islands and which came into force last Monday does not allow for any margin in the celebration of popular festivals in the islands as long as the pandemic is not eradicated.

While waiting for the regional Parliament to decide whether or not this rule is validated (for which it has a period of one month), point 9 of article 25 of chapter II, which is reserved for 'Measures applicable at different levels of alert', it could not be more clear and concise: even at level one, "parties, festivals and other popular events cannot be celebrated", a sentence that is repeated in the aforementioned legal text - as is logical - in the rest of the levels planned for scenarios with a higher incidence of virus among the population.

Although it is true that the aforementioned Decree of Law may be amended during its passage through the regional Chamber (provided that it is processed as a bill by the emergency procedure, as is the case), the rule has caused consternation and not gone unnoticed by the Santa Cruz de Tenerife City Council either, where Carnivals are held that celebrate being the best in the world (after those in Rio de Janeiro).

Santa Cruz town hall have limited themselves to stating that it will be October when the Consistory decides whether, in 2022, carnival can take place.

For now, oblivious to the controversy, the Government of the Canary Islands announces meetings with different sectors to explain the content of said decree, which aims to be a regional legal compendium of all regulations related to COVID-19, while the Canary Islands Coalition and the Popular Party have already shown their disagreement with it.