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Friday, September 17, 2021

The Fiestas del Cristo de Tacoronte return with a tribute to the queens of the harvest of the past decade as well as a Craft Fair

The Plaza del Cristo will be transformed into an open-air stage, with all the security measures for the Covid, and in which all the events will be limited with a capacity for 500 people for each show.

In the month of September, the town of Tacoronte is dressed again for a party, creating a space for meeting and devotion around the figure of Cristo de Los Dolores, in whose honor a wide program of cultural and religious events will be held. They will apply the control and sanitary measures against Covid 19.

Mayor, José Daniel Díaz Armas, presented both the program of the festivities and the poster for the current edition, a work by local photographer Beatriz Castillo.

Díaz Armas explained that after the suspension of the festivities last year, when only some liturgical acts and the proclamation were celebrated as a symbol, “in this year 2021 we have not wanted to lose that common thread of the Fiestas del Cristo for our city”.

The festive program began on Sunday, September 5, with the reading of the Proclamation of the Festivities by Juan Fajardo, the artist responsible for making Tacoronte's traditional Corpus Christi carpet for more than 30 years. The rest of the program will run until October 2, although one of the highlights of it will be the Octava del Cristo, on September 26, a Sunday in which the traditional procession will not be held, following indications of the Diocese, to avoid crowds. However, there will be a liturgy for the Eighth day, the Craft Fair and a closing of the festivities by Los Sabandeños on this same Sunday.

Permanent and safe space

The rest of the musical acts and galas will take place in the venue that will be created in the Plaza del Cristo, which will have a capacity for 500 seated people, with free tickets, but with prior acquisition of the QR code online, generating a large open-air auditorium, in accordance with all security, control and capacity protocols.

The two main galas of the festivities will be coordinated by Geni Afonso, who pointed out that "this is an atypical year in which we will not have queens." For this reason, previous queens will be remembered, "beautiful and intelligent women from Tacoronte who deserve to be admired again." At the Art Festival, to be held on September 17, there is a recognition of the queens of the last 10 years. At the Grape Harvest Gala, which will take place on September 24, the queens of the last decade will also be honoured, with a performance by the Añate group and a parade of typical costumes worn by the last queens.

The program

The craft fair will return on Sunday of the Octava del Cristo (September 26). Both the Proclamation and the two Eucharists will be broadcast by Canal 4 Television. The Eucharist on Saturdays, September 18 and 25, will be celebrated at 6:00 p.m., with the display of fireworks at the end of the subsequent sacred concerts. On Saturday 18, La noche del humor (A night of humour), after the fireworks and La Noche Joven (Youth Night), on September 22, as well as a children's show on September 23. On Saturday 25, after the fireworks display, there will be a tribute concert to Queen and the next day, a performance by Los Sabandeños, to close the cultural program.