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Friday, October 08, 2021

XVI Rallysprint de Atogo 2021

After the suspension in February of the XVI Rallyesprint Atogo, October 8 and 9 are the days chosen for this event, which is scored for the regional and provincial championships.

The 16th edition of the Atogo Rallyesprint has had its presentation once again at the SIEC in San Isidro, the nerve centre of the event, with its heart going out to La Palma and, with some new features in the configuration of the route. 

José Velázquez, president of Escuderia Atogo and host, was accompanied by the mayor of Granadilla de Abona, José Domingo Regalado; the Councilor for Sports, Marcos González; the president of the FCA, Benito Rodríguez and the president of the Federación Interinsular de Automovilismo de Santa Cruz de Tenerife (FIASCT), Francisco Negrín.

The presentation revolved around the support of the Escuderia Atogo and all the members of the race to the island of La Palma. The official poster shows the island of La Palma, which will be remembered in all kinds of events, efforts and campaigns, before, during and after the rally sprint. The message was clear from all those involved: gratitude to the sponsors who continue to make a superhuman effort, the need to continue to have common sense when attending the event and, above all, to take care of the environment around Atogo.

More good news came from the Hotel El Médano and its director Maite González, who will contribute the amount related to the rental of the mandatory GPS for the participating teams, about 1,800 euros, which will save the teams part of the registration fees. This was a gesture that was highly applauded and appreciated during the presentation.

A limit has been established at 85 participants and there's been a good response. The registration quota is already full, with five teams on the waiting list. At the request of the drivers, there will be a change of direction at the start of the race, leaving in the morning from the Las Chafiras area, heading south-north and ending with the three passes in the afternoon heading north-south, from San Isidro to Las Chafiras.