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Friday, November 05, 2021

Carnival 2022: The Queen's gala will be held "with or without Carnival in the streets"

Carnival in the streets of Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Councillor for Festivities in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Alfonso Cabello, says, "We have plan A, plan B and plan C that we will activate depending on the evolution of the health situation. For now, I can guarantee that for Carnival 2022 galas and contests will be held".

The councillor pledged to the sponsors to "organise the Carnival at the limit of the conditions that are imposed", and then briefly revealed his three approaches. The first, the celebration of carnival under the format prior to the pandemic; the second, with contests and galas and a parade and group performances in venues with capacity limited, and a third, more restrictive option adapting the number of spectators to the conditions allowed according to the evolution of the health crisis. And, in an attempt to reassure the audience: "we will bring back the [Carnival Queen] gala, with or without [carnival in] the street". 

Fiestas is currently working on plans for Los Reyes (January 5) - although it has already been announced that there will be no parade of the Three Kings again next year - "and on that date we will face what can be done on February 25, which is the date marked as the beginning of the carnival in the streets, scheduled for the Opening Parade."

Fiestas garantiza que se celebrará la gala de la reina «con o sin Carnaval de calle»