Friday, November 26, 2021

Christmas begins in the rain in Santa Cruz

Christmas lights switch on in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

The Plaza del Príncipe was the stage, last night, as the Christmas lights were turned on.

It had not struck seven in the afternoon when the rain made an appearance in the Plaza del Príncipe de Santa Cruz, where switching on the Christmas lights was taking place. With a capacity limited to 750 people, the same rain made it far from full. Umbrellas were the protagonists in an event that began with the Gospel Shine Voices choir singing Hallelujah. The mayor, José Manuel Bermúdez, advocated a "quiet Christmas" in which "prevention and precaution" must prevail, "and from the City Council we are going to help to achieve it."

Accompanied by the Children's Queen of Carnival 2020, Violeta García, and the Santa Cruz artist Ariann Music, to the rhythm of 'All want for Christmas is You', the mayor pressed the switch that filled the Plaza del Príncipe with light, while the rain continued to fall, this time mixed with the confetti that fell after the ignition occurred.

After the event in the Plaza del Príncipe, the mayor, together with the first deputy mayor, Guillermo Díaz Guerra, the councillor for fiestas, Alfonso Cabello and other members of the government, made the traditional tour of the streets already decked out for Christmas.


As for the lighting, with a total of 3.5 million LED bulbs, for this Christmas campaign the City Council, through the Department of Public Services and the offices of the five districts, will light 162 streets of the city, 22 more than last year; the installation of 207 arches, while in 2020 there were 176; 908  Christmas motifs on the street lamps; the city will have 29,000 meters of garlands and 90 meters of tunnels, with approximately 30,000 LEDs.

For the last week the five districts of the city have already been adorned with about 50,000 poinsettias, in the traditional Christmas planting campaign. On this occasion, some 28,000 red and 9,000 white poinsettias have been planted, and, in addition, 2,000 red units, 1,500 fuchsia, 4,700 white, 1,000 pink and 1,300 variegated poinsettias will be planted of the princetia variety.

With last night's event, the Christmas period is considered inaugurated, and it does so coinciding today with the celebration of the day of Black Friday (although in Santa Cruz it's Black Week), which is the starting gun, commercially speaking, for Christmas.

In the coming weeks, depending on how the pandemic evolves, Santa Cruz has prepared a fortnight of events distributed throughout the city, which include from Christmas markets, parades with Christmas carols, or the placement of real mailboxes in schools that the little ones can send their letters to the Magi.

The reception of Their Majesties at the Heliodoro Rodríguez López stadium and the Parade through the streets of Santa Cruz (usually Jan 5) are still on the air, awaiting a decision on authorization from Public Health for their celebration. It is hoped that it will be next week when it is known, if finally, these mass events can be held in the capital.