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Friday, November 12, 2021

Santa Cruz International Marathon

Maratón de Tenerife

Taking place on Sunday, 14 November 2021, is the Maratón de Tenerife - or to give it its full title, the Maratón Internacional de Santa Cruz (Santa Cruz International Marathon). 

Runners in the marathon and half-marathon start at 08:30 hrs and those in the 8K at 11:30 hrs. With the prizes being handed out in all three categories from 13:00 hrs, everyone can then put their (tired) feet up in the afternoon. It's too late to participate in the race, but some socially-distanced cheering on from the side lines might well be appreciated. 

There'll be some disruption to roads, busses and trams for the duration of the event. 

Tranvía de Tenerife say that on Sunday from 8:00 am, until around 12:30, they will only operate between Trinidad and La Paz, leaving the stops of the Plaza Weyler, Guimerá Theater, Fundación and the Intercambiador Tenerife (Interchange) OUT OF SERVICE

Contestants will race through the streets of the Island's capital city, never roaming far from the sea. (map)